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Subjective Morality? Exodus 20:1-17

This is what the atheists in America are proclaiming! That is if man is just left to himself he will do good things! The historical evidence debunkes the left ideology! More people were killed by war in the 20th Century than the previous 19 Centuries! What happened to the evolutionary model? Getting better? We did not get off to a

Hitler & Evolution!

“If Nature does not wish that weaker individuals should mate with the stronger, she wishes even less that a superior race should intermingle with an inferior one; because in such case all her efforts, throughout hundreds of thousands of years, to establish an evolutionary higher stage of being, may thus be rendered futile.” Adolph Hitler, Mein Kumpf, Page 223. Comment:

God’s Immigration Policy! John 3:16

New World Quote; “And I say that your Highnesses ought not to consent that any foreigner does business or sets foot here, except Christian Catholics since this was the end and beginning of this enterprise, that it should be for the enhancement and glory of the Christian religion, not should anyone who is not a good Christian come to these

Judeau Christian Civilization! Joshua 24:15

Ben Shapiro is a young American Orthodox Jew that has a lot of insight into religious, economic and political systems of this world! He makes the important point that Judeau Christian culture allows for dissenting views on everything! In fact atheism is only possible in a Judeau Christian culture! Do you find any professing atheists in Islamic cultures? If you

The Mafia Goes Presidential!

Who are the gang members? Rubio, Trump, Cruz and Bush! Who will get KO’d in the next round? The only reason Ben Carson is there is because they may need a Doctor in the house! Concussion protocol! Hillary will need a hit man for poor old Bernie! She need not look further than the Republican candidates! James and Hamsa Sasse.

Ted Cruz Cheats in Iowa!

The Ben Carson campaign has confirmed the Ted Cruz campaign spread rumors across Iowa just before voting on Monday night that Ben Carson has dropped out of the race so why not vote for Ted! They have recovered tweets and other data confirming the accusations! This dirty work represents the insider Washington tricks and deception that we are trying to

Ben Carson for President!

As you follow the debates as responsible American citizens I have noticed one important fact! They all for except one cut each other down in character attacks! The exception is Benjamin Carson! He comes up with idea’s that will save America from her slippery slope to destruction! When you listen to debate’s on both sides listen for idea’s not rhetoric and


I have already won the lottery! I was born in America and know the Lord! Ben Carson

Hitler was Gay!

There is new evidence that Adolf Hitler was a homosexual! Doctors who treated Hitler were interviewed by the U.S. Army after World War II, and the notes from those interviews have been made public. Army interrogator Herman Merl, who was a medical technician interviewed Hitler’s doctors, Karl Brandt and Hitler’s primary physician Theodore Morell, wrote “Homosex” in the space provided for

Obama and Islam!

Obama’s entire foreign policy is predicated on that by his existing, he would bridge all gaps and bury all hatchets! Instead, the Muslim world burns his picture even as he tells them he respects their radicalism! It turns out that diversity is a one way street for the devotees of global Islam!  Ben Shapiro (1984-    )