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Stand Up! Stand Up for America!

Stand Up Stand Up for Jesus was a song written by a dying Pastor from Philadelphia in 1858! His name was Dudley Atkins Tyng. His father had also been the Pastor of the Episcopal Church of Philadelphia. His congregation members were unhappy for Dudley’s stance against slavery! In 1856 he resigned his church and started the Church of the Covenant!

Mary’s Song of Praise! Luke 2:51

“He hath showed strength with his arm, He hath scattered those that have turned their backs on Him in the image of their hearts!” Comment: Notice God scatters them! Remember Israel’s captivity? Like Refugee’s! Why would people turn their backs on God? Probably many reasons but the bottom line is they have the wrong image of God in their hearts!

Stop Obama from Lifting Sanctions on Iran!

Trying to make a deal with Iran will never work because they cannot be trusted! I know Obama wants a legacy and Secretary Kerry wants the Nobel Peace prize but not on the backs of millions of Christians! Freeing up hundreds of billions of dollars to the Iranian regime will increase their proxy wars throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia