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Most Misinterpreted Scripture In the Bible! Matthew 7:1

A poll was taken among unbelievers and they were asked what word comes to their minds when they hear the word, “Evangelical Christian.” A overwhelming majority said the word that comes to their mind is; “Judgmental.” Most of them quote Matthew 7:1 to support their views. What is lacking here is for them to read the rest of chapter 7.

Is The Earth Eternal? Genesis 8:22

Contained in this promise is the stipulation that is easy to miss! Day, night and the seasons will continue as seen in the phrase, “while the earth remaineth.” The earth was not intended by God to be eternal. It’s final destruction is described in Psalm 102: 25-26 (quoted in Hebrew 1: 10-12). The most graphic account of the end of

Deviled Ham Luke Chapter 8, Verses 26-39

Jesus calmed a storm which really messed up the weather forecaster’s prediction and then the very next day met a naked crazy man on the beach. Even the crazy man knew someone messed up a perfectly good storm. The Gadarene area was a Roman colony made up of soldiers and gentile pig farmers. This story has helped advocate for the

Angels Revelation 22:8-9

You would think that John would have got the message when the other Angel rebuked him for falling to worship him. It should be apparent that angels appear as if they are Gods to men, as does Satan. In any case, it is clear that Angels are not to be worshipped and righteous Angels do not want to be worshipped!