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Reformation & Anti-Sematism! Romans 1:16

Their (The Jews), rotten and unbending stiffness deserve that they be oppressed unendingly and without measure or end and that they die in their misery without pity of anyone! John Calvin Comment: This is not a good attitude to have to win Jews to Christ? Yet the Protestant Reformation carried out the same persecution of the Jews that the Catholic

Judas Iscariot Mark 14:10

Judas has gotten some bad press over the centuries! He earned it! Where did he go wrong? Books have been written about him and some even supporting him? The Gnostic writings claim Jesus made a deal with Judas? It says in the Gospel of Luke that Satan entered Judas! How do you get to that point? Jesus cast out demons

Sons of God / Daughters of Men Genesis 6:1

Over history three main theories are advanced to explain this. The first theory is the “sons of god” are fallen angels and the daughters of men are mortals. This ancient viewpoint hinges in part on the assumption that Jude 1:6-7 refers to these angels. If this sin is perpetuated by angels then why is man punished in the flood? Christ

30 Million Evangelical Christians Did Not Vote In 2008?

Obama won by 10 Million votes! Christians can we do the math? Get out and vote! James Sasse.

30 Pieces of Silver!

The year was 1986. The place was Yercaud, India. We had just moved from Madras(Chennai), to this small village located on a mountain in South India. One big problem moving from big city to small village is finding adequate housing for my family. My uncle victor who was an MD. down in Salem had a friend who was a wealthy