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Discontented Wife Number 2

A new science is now proclaimed by organizations that claim by their programs you can live to be 125 years old? Rich people are laying down their money to sign up! I have a friend who is a medical doctor who wants to sign up. He asked his wife to join him and sign up for $20000. dollars for the

Concerned Priest!

A local Parish had a concern for one of it’s members? This Parish had statues of twelve revered Saints; Lucy,Luke,Martin of Tours,Monica,Nicholas, Padre Pio, Peter,Rita,Philomena, Matthew, Mary Magdalene and Michael the Archangel. On Friday’s this member would kiss every statue before leaving. The problem was the last statue before the entrance door(Michael the Archangel), had his right foot on Satan’s

Love Demands a Choice!

God gave Adam and Eve a choice. They made a wrong choice. God gave His Son Jesus Christ a choice. He made the right choice and chose the Cross for you! He could have walked away but He chose death to give you life! Any religious or political system that denies you a choice is not Love! All wicked systems

Contented Husband

After I showed my wife the kitchen she shared with me that her credit card was stolen by a thief while we were touring Delhi, India. So I went on-line and checked the charges on credit card over past 30 days. To my surprise this thief was spending less money than my wife does on this account! I have decided

Discontented Wife

I took my wife to Paris,London,Rome,Delhi,Moscow,Hong Kong,Manila,Bangkok,Singapore,Sidney,Tokyo,New York,Seoul,Madrid,Stockholm,Athens,Warsaw,Peking, Jerusalem and Cairo. We returned from Amsterdam late last night. This morning my wife asked me if I could take her to a place where she has never been before? I took her to the kitchen!

Plan to save America

Ask not what a Democrat can do for your country! Ask a Democrat not to do anything for your country!


Self-Worship is you trying to do for God what God has already done for you! You cannot die for God! God has died for you! You cannot make God! God has created you! Please see;


Grace is God doing for you what you cannot do for yourself! Please see;