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I heard a good definition of work from a Jewish Rabbi yesterday! He said making someone’s else life better is what you do when you work! Money flows to those people who make other people’s lives better! There is alot of mis-understanding about money especially in the church. Just because you are in a ministry do not presume money should

Drugs take down Elvis, Michael and Whitney!

Yes and along with millions more in the earth! Why? The pop star life does not satisfy! So reality of its failures is blurred with drugs to escape the emptyness it produces! The Bible has strong warnings against drug abuse. Particularly in the Book of Revelation Chapter nine, verses 20-21, Chapter 18, verse 23, Chapter 21 verse 8 and Chapter

Angels Revelation 22:8-9

You would think that John would have got the message when the other Angel rebuked him for falling to worship him. It should be apparent that angels appear as if they are Gods to men, as does Satan. In any case, it is clear that Angels are not to be worshipped and righteous Angels do not want to be worshipped!

One World Government

When was the last time we had a one world government? Yes, you are right! It was about 4200 years ago! The world political world leader was Nimrod who supervised the building of the Tower of Babel! We get our word Babylon from Babel. The name means confusion. Sounds like our politics today! Nimrod tried to lead the people away

Win Soul or Lost Soul?

Christian’s are in one of two camps! They are either winning a soul or they are lost! No amount of church attendance or giving will cover up our lack of commitment and passion for the lost! Religion will not substitute for what we should be doing! Where is our passion? Is it money, fame, sex, politics, sports, ect. Everyday we

God becomes Man!

This is what the Christmas Celebration is all about! Hebrews Chapter 10 of your Holy Bible describes in detail God becoming man and to take His Son’s prepared body as a sacrifice for our sin! Hebrews Chapter 10 verses 4 through 18 gives us specific insight into this truth! Please read! Merry Christmas! Source; Hal Lindsey Report.


Many Jewish commentators believe the secret of Judah’s blessings are implicit in the Hebrew meaning of his name. When Lea, his mother gave birth to him she said, “This time I will give thanksgiving unto the Lord.” Therefore she called his name Judah! See Genesis 29:35 Judah is taken from the Hebrew word Hodah which means giving thanks. The Jews

White House Shooter

Really sad to hear about Mr. Ortega and his troubled mind to think that President Obama is the Anti-Christ? Also that Mr. Ortega was Christ himself? This man has some mental issues and needs help! We are sorry for his family that has to go through this now. Someone should have noticed that he needed help? Our prayers are that

Beat Obama with a CAIN!

The lastest fight song for the Christian conservatives as they look to replace our President with someone who holds Biblical values! Anti-abortion President is needed and also a candidate who believes small buisness can rebuild American! Also Obama has a big government plan that will not and has not worked! Our government has to be down-sized and live on its

Police Cadet!

A young man decided to join the police force. He began his career by enrolling in a police academy for his training. He completed his training and prepared for his final examination! The examiner asked him if he would be able to arrest a relative if he had to? The young cadet paused and then the examiner said let me