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Sons of God / Daughters of Men Genesis 6:1

Over history three main theories are advanced to explain this. The first theory is the “sons of god” are fallen angels and the daughters of men are mortals. This ancient viewpoint hinges in part on the assumption that Jude 1:6-7 refers to these angels. If this sin is perpetuated by angels then why is man punished in the flood? Christ

Anti-Christ is a Jew and Gay! Daniel 11:37

According to the Bible in the Book of Daniel Chapter 11, verse 37, desribes some of his character and race. It is interesting that Jesus is a Jew and so is the Anti-Christ. This is one of the reasons the Jews are deceived by this guy during the 7 year tribulation period of history. They believe a Jew would not

Law Verses Grace!

Text; Galatians Chapter 5, Verse 4. This text is often missused to teach that the phrase “fall from grace” means that a person can loose his or her salvation. In the context of the verses one through three Paul is teaching how depending on the law of Moses for salvation makes Christ’s work on the Cross meaningless! Then in verse

Where Does Faith Come From?

The Bible says that God has given every man a measure of Faith! The Book of Romans Chapter 10, verse 17 says; So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. God’s word contains His Faith! So we use God’s Faith to get saved and to perform every miracle that follows in our lives! So Faith

2012 Election Year Tax Issue!

President Obama claims that the rich in America are not paying their fair share of taxes? The facts dispute this allegation! 10 percent of the top wage earners in the United States pay 70 percent of all income tax! 50 percent of all Americans pay no income tax! So where is the fair share? It looks to me like us

Colorado Catholic Buisness Owners defeat ObamaCare but punished by Denver City Council?

Denver City Council stops good citizen award to this Denver Buisness who has served Denver over 50 years! Siding with Obama instead of doing the right thing contradicts all that America stands for? When you punish the righteous to reward the wicked our existence is threatened! Please read Isaiah Chapter 5, Verse 20. Thankyou. James Sasse.

Book of John Chapter One Verse One !

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The word beginning in the greek translates as Commencement! When we finish a degree and complete all the work we graduate and have a commencement service. God completed his work at creation and time began! The word, “Word” in the greek is Logos

Christian American Foundations

Who Was the Most Christian American President? If all you ever knew about this was what you were taught in a public(government) school in the United States you would not have a clue! You might think Lincoln or Washington but the most out spoken president about his Faith in God was Theodore Roosevelt! He was running for president in 1912

God becomes Man!

This is what the Christmas Celebration is all about! Hebrews Chapter 10 of your Holy Bible describes in detail God becoming man and to take His Son’s prepared body as a sacrifice for our sin! Hebrews Chapter 10 verses 4 through 18 gives us specific insight into this truth! Please read! Merry Christmas! Source; Hal Lindsey Report.


Many Jewish commentators believe the secret of Judah’s blessings are implicit in the Hebrew meaning of his name. When Lea, his mother gave birth to him she said, “This time I will give thanksgiving unto the Lord.” Therefore she called his name Judah! See Genesis 29:35 Judah is taken from the Hebrew word Hodah which means giving thanks. The Jews