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Political Correctness Strikes Again!

This time in London! British Prime Minister Theresa May told the people of England that this was an evil ideology that attacked us! She did not have the moral courage to explain what the ideology is? She is no Winston Churchill or Margaret Thatcher! Where did these terrorists get their idea? Did they snatch it out of the thin air?

International Travel For American’s 2015

The following story is true because my nephew just got back from the Middle East and shared these experiences with me! My nephew has to travel international with a company based here in America. On this trip his first stop was Saudi Arabia. The first two weeks seemed uneventful as he traveled by taxi from his Hotel to the work

Discontented Wife

I took my wife to Paris,London,Rome,Delhi,Moscow,Hong Kong,Manila,Bangkok,Singapore,Sidney,Tokyo,New York,Seoul,Madrid,Stockholm,Athens,Warsaw,Peking, Jerusalem and Cairo. We returned from Amsterdam late last night. This morning my wife asked me if I could take her to a place where she has never been before? I took her to the kitchen!