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Is There a Bible in Heaven? Philippians 4:3

There is an answer to this question and it is found in our Bible! Let us start with the word “Gospel.” This word originally meant the reward for good news! Then it became good news! So what good news? That salvation only comes through Jesus Christ! The next word in this passage is the word “names.” This word used here

Earthquakes and Air! Matthew 8:24

“And behold there arose a great tempest in the sea, inasmuch that the ship was covered with the waves; but He was asleep.” The Greek word “seismos”, used for tempest can either mean an earthquake or a gale of wind. Are these events related? Could this have been a tsunami? Regardless Jesus used the air or His breath to command

Crowns! Revelation 4:10

In the Kingdom of Heaven it is His work that will be crowned, not yours! Anything in you that He has not wrought Himself will count for nothing! Johannes Tauler (1300-1361). Comment: This statement might let the hot air out of your balloon? Just a piece of humble pie will help us! Let us look at Revelation 4:10 The events

First & Last? Isaiah 44:6

What did God mean here? We probably have a general idea! Elementary Watson! Let us break the Hebrew words down for a deeper understanding! The word “First”, used here means to be foremost in order of rank! It is like a new year! Remember God instructed Moses to set up the Tabernacle in the first month! Remember Satan’s Kingdom also

New Revelation on the Clinton Foundation!

It is hard to get information about the Clinton Foundation because it is set up in Canada where under Canadian law they do not have to disclose donors! What happened to transparency? You have to sue Obama to get something that is to be provided to the citizens by Constitutional law! Anyway through law suits under the Freedom of Information

God’s Address? Revelation 21:3

How many times have you changed your address in your life time? No wonder you lost mail. Even the IRS cannot find you! The Tabernacle described in the Old Testament of your Bible was defined as a residence or lodging place. It was described as a permanent stay residence! The Temple was described as a habitation of God’s residence! The

A Jewish Guest

We had a Jew from Israel meet us in our home last week. He found something peculiar to him in our living room? He told us he had visited a lot of Christian homes here in America but had never seen a Manorah in their homes? Why do you have a portrait of the Last Supper and a Manorah on

Is Allah in our Bible? Revelation 13:16-18

Absolutely! It is the word “Beast” used 37 times in the Book of Revelation! The Strong’s number for the Greek word is 2342. If you go to that Greek word it says it has a Hebrew origin. The Strong’s Hebrew number is 5927 and 5928. You can look this up yourself in any Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. The Chaldean root word

The Beast and “666” Revelation 13:16-18

Before we can talk about 666 we need to discuss the “Beast.” The Strong’s number in the Greek for this word is 2342. If you go to this Greek root word it says this word has a Hebrew origin. If you go to that Hebrew origin it says this word was taken from another Hebrew word. The Hebrew Strong’s number

Numerology in the Bible!

Moses built 12 pillars on Mount Sinai. Twelve spies were sent out. Twelve stones were set up as a Memorial after crossing the Jordon River. Twelve stones were attached to the breastplate of the Priest representing the 12 tribes of Israel. The Temple involved 12 measurements and furnishings. Jesus spoke his first recorded words when He was 12 years old.