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The Just Judge! Isaiah 11:4

Hebrew Translation:”With honesty, integrity and peace He shall judge the poor with uprightness and justice for the meek inhabitants of the land, and He shall punish, defeat and slay the inhabitants of the earth with the Ruler’s staff with His speech and with the breath of His voice shall bring unnatural death to those who challenge God.” Comment: What fool

Tad Saves Turkey From Jihad!

The first turkey was pardoned on Christmas day not Thanksgiving! Late in 1863 a live turkey was sent to the White House for the Lincoln family to feast on for the holidays. Tad Lincoln, age 10, quickly befriended the bird. Tad taught the turkey to follow him as he walked around the White House grounds. The turkey was named Jack,

Turkey Gets Pardoned But Not Us?

How about the rest of us Turkey’s? Obama gives a Turkey a pardon but not us! Why can’t Obama pardon us from ObamaCare like he did the Turkey? Health Care in a roaster pan under fire is not fun! James.