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The God Dilution! Romans 1:26-27

There is not a theologian in the world who can argue with me on this! God has no gender! If that’s the case everything needs to be rewritten! Susan Powter (Radical Feminist Lesbian). Comment: Has she ever talked to a Pastor, Priest or Theologian? Evidently not! Susan did you know God produced a Son through a woman and His name

Warning to Christian America!

Hillary Clinton’s closest aid and confidant is Huma Abedin! She is a Muslim and her parents are connected to terrorist organizations! Abedin is also deeply involved with the pay to play scandals of Hillary while she was Secretary of State! Hillary owes Muslim nations hundreds of millions of dollars in favors that they contributed into the Clinton Foundation located in

Ted Cruz Cheats in Iowa!

The Ben Carson campaign has confirmed the Ted Cruz campaign spread rumors across Iowa just before voting on Monday night that Ben Carson has dropped out of the race so why not vote for Ted! They have recovered tweets and other data confirming the accusations! This dirty work represents the insider Washington tricks and deception that we are trying to


Truth is the agreement of our idea’s with the idea’s of God! Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758)


However many blessings we expect from God, His infinite liberality will always exceed all our wishes and our thoughts!  John Calvin