Paul begins his speech in First Corinthians Chapter 15 with the word brethern. The Greek word used in the text is the word Adelphos. This word means of the same womb. It can mean a brother literal of figurative. I cannot help but to ask do we treat each other like we came from the same womb? We do not expect the world to do this but how about the Church? Paul’s most trouble of all came from the Church at Corinth! More divisions and more immoral behavior than any other Church. Paul was trying to bring unity to a divided Church! So he began in Chapter 15 by using the word brethern. During my three years in India I had a difficult time getting Pastor’s to work together. The biggest issue above denominations was the caste system. If Pastor’s were not of the same caste they did not want to work together? I used to ask them is your caste greater than your God? Jesus said we must be born again! We must and need this second birth that is greater and more important than our natural birth! We have issues in our own Church right now where some people do not want to mix with other races of people? Unless one is born again one cannot get beyond their first earthly birth! Do we see the world through the eyes of God? Are we color blind and only see the creator of all behind the visual images in our mind? Do we have the mind of Christ and accept all people as God has made all people? Does God discriminate? He does in only one area. He descriminates when it comes to right and wrong! He upholds the righteous and condemns the wicked! Paul was trying to get the Church at Corinth to see beyond themselves and seek a purpose greater than themselves! Mary’s womb produced many children but the first born Christ was unique from all other children who have or ever will be born again! Christ’s Father in Heaven looked down to His only begotten Son ever to live on the earth and become the sacrifice for my Sin and yours! Only the womb of God can produce children who recognize other children who have been born from the same womb! Are you born again? I was born again in the year 1973. Do you know your second birth date? If so I can only say, “Happy Birthday!”

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