Wall Street Protests / Anti-Semitic

Comments by wall street protestor’s such as; Jews control wall street, Israel is a criminal pariah state and Jews need to be run out of this country are a warning that history is repeating itself again! While protestor’s are seen spewing hate against Jewish American’s where is the outrage from our political leaders? It is troubling to me when I heard our president say, “Martin Luther King would have supported the wall street demonstrations!” I lived on planet earth during the 1960’s! Never did Dr. King support violence or anti-semitics in his own life or in his work to restore civil rights! What concerns me most is the silence of the church? History is repeating itself again! As the world moves into greater socio-economic chaos every nation on planet earth has a history of blaming the Jews for their troubles! I believe the silence of the church as persecution rises against the Jews is due to their Theology! I am speaking about Replacement Theology. Many Christian’s in their minds cannot separate Israel from the Church! In fact the lines get so blurred that eventually they say the Church has replaced Israel! Then as in Nazi Germany the Church can look the other way when atrocities come against the Jews. Christ was a Jew and came first for the Jews! Even in the Book of Revelation after the Church is raptured in Chapter 3 we see God’s covenant promises being met to the Jews in the following chapters. Keep the Church and Israel as seperate subjects in your Biblical understanding! An attack on the Jews is an attack on Christ’s Church and an attack on God Himself! Thankyou. James Sasse. GodWhoisGod.com

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