Go Green!

I was a young man then back in the early 1970’s. We had just gone through the Arab oil embargo and energy conservation was on every mind of America! I was in a barber shop in Denver reading a Popular Mechanics magazine. In this magazine was an ad for a solar clothes dryer! Ad said was compatible to any electric clothes dryer! It was only five dollars and just mail in to a P. O. Box Number address. I wanted to do my part so i sent in my five dollars. It was about two weeks before i received my package in the mail. I imagined solar panels attached to a complex computer network! I took the package and unwrapped it right on top of the clothes dryer! There in the center of the box was about 6 feet of clothes line? I wanted to strangle the guy that mailed me this with my new clothes line! I do not like deception especially in hard times as we are in today! Americans today in our economic trouble need honesty and encouragement in these difficult times! Do your best to help others even if it costs you something! Jesus said he who is greatest in the Kingdom of God is servant of all! God Bless! James Sasse. GodWhoisGod.com

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