Month: June 2016

Two Ministries!

We have two ministries in our church. The first is the preaching of God’s Word out of the Holy Bible. People don’t like to hear things out of the Bible? Too many warnings along life’s path for them? Don’t turn to the left but go to the right! Caution! Turn around! Cliff ahead! Our second ministry is our counseling ministry.

Political Advice! 2 Samuel 23:3

The God of Israel said, The Rock of Israel spoke to me, “He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God!” Comment: The Rock used here refers to the God that is a refuge of protection over Israel. God’s shelter over her! A just man is one who lives his life in conformity to law.

Have a Rewards Card?

2 Samuel 22:21 The Lord rewarded me……….. Rewarded means to restore or repay! You are appointed benefits conveyed to you under God’s sovereignty! God rewards good and punishes evil! Jesus said in my house are many mansions! The word house here in the Greek conveys a meaning of a dwelling place in regards to a family! The word mansion in


The Chief Modern Rival of Christianity is ‘Liberalism’…at every point, the two movements are in direct opposition! John Gresham Machen (1881-1937) John was a seminary professor at Princeton, founder of Westminster Theological Seminary and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. His text book on New Testament Greek is still used in seminaries today! Comment: Who was the founder of liberalism? John Locke

Life Insurance for the Aged!

The Life Insurance agent came to our house and presented his plans! He asked me my age 68 and he told me a story. Two days ago i sold a policy to a man 69 years old and his wife was seventy. He died yesterday and she got a check for $250000 thousand dollars! I told the agent that if

Hillary VP Pick?

Suggestions have come in that Hillary pick a Vice President who has a lot of experience and familiarity with the Clinton’s! Top Pick? Monica Lewinsky!

Why Did Muslim Attacker Buy Jewelry?

Why did he buy $9000 dollars worth of jewelry just before Orlando attack? There are only two possibilities? Either for his soon to be widow or the 70 virgins that await him in Heaven according to the Quran? My question is are these virgins Muslim? If so according to the Quran they would have to share a man with at

Napoleon’s Law and the Jews!

The French Revolution abolished the different treatment of people according to religion or origin under the Monarchy! The 1789 Declaration of Rights of man and the citizens guaranteed freedom of religion and free exercise of worship provided it did not contradict public order. At that time most other European countries implemented measures restricting the rights of people from minority religions.

Is Your Faith Out of Shape?

Faith means something when it is exercised in the darkness! Joseph Bayly (1920-1986) Joseph lost three children to blood cancer! He was an American author, publishing executive and the President of the David C. Cook publishing company located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

What is Going On?

Those who know our Bible need not be blind sided by current events! That is if you believe the Bible? Some choose to believe some of the Bible but not all of it? Remember the Jefferson Bible? After World War 1 & 2, America kept her identity! A Christian Nation that lead the world in prosperity and success over all