Month: June 2015

God’s Promises!

Remember that all of God’s promises to you are voice activated! Andrew Wommack

Who Do You Promote?

He that serves God is resigned up into Him, and in all things has respect to truth and righteousness, and will promote that! Jakob Bohme (1575-1624)

Pray For Our Leaders 1Timothy2:2 2Peter2:17

Did Paul and Peter pray for their leaders? I assume they did yet they were executed by Caesar! Some of their best works were written from prison! The authorities did not like to keep Martin Luther King Jr. in jail too long because he was working on his next speech! During the civil war Pastor’s and their congregations north of

Republican or Democrat?

I will admit it has rained more under Republican administrations, that was partially because they have had more administrations than Democrats. There is no less sickness, no less earthquakes, no less progress, no less inventions, no less morality, no less Christianity under one than the other. They are all the same. It won’t make 50 cents difference to a one

Supreme Court and Civil War 1857

In 1857 the Supreme Court ruled African American people were personal property! This lead to the election of Abraham Lincoln and our 1st civil war! On gay marriage Franklin Graham put it best, ” The supreme court has never ruled in its history on the definition of marriage so since they have never defined marriage why would they define it

Why Did Jesus Say Buy a Sword? Luke 22:36

I have probably read every commentary on this scripture! The words Jesus told His disciples probably have more meaning now that America is becoming more lawless ! The American Christian would have a different interpretation on this scripture than a Christian living in Iraq or Syria today! Ask the Kurdish Christian about this passage! Jesus also said those who live

Can You Have it Both Ways?

How can you expect to dwell with God, if you neglect and forsake Him here? Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) Comment; There are millions of martyred Christians over history that decided you cannot have it both ways!

Your Future!

To go to Heaven, fully to enjoy God, is infinitely better than the most pleasant accommodations here! Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758)

The Confederate Flag!

Hundreds of thousands of lives were sacrificed to raise this flag! The Christian conscious required more lives to lower this flag! Let America never forget this flag because history forgotten is history repeated! Thankyou.


Truth is the agreement of our idea’s with the idea’s of God! Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758)