Month: November 2014

Highway Patrol Safety Bulletin

It is not what you drive but how you drive that counts! Broderick Crawford, Highway Patrol TV Series 1958

No Bible Study in Heaven Revelation Chapter 5

If you are not presently reading your Bible here on earth this will be the only place you will have that opportunity! Do not think you will have all eternity to catch up on your homework! The Greek word for book is Biblion or Biblos which translates Bible! The Bible is sealed in Heaven by seven seals and will only

Reservations Confirmed!

My mother passed tonight November 25, 2014, 9:10 PM, MST. The place Jesus prepared for her is now occupied! I visited my mom last Tuesday at McKee Medical center in Loveland Colorado. She could not open her eyes but she could hear me! I said, “Mom you are the best mom in the whole world!” She weakly replied, “I tried.”

School Prayer

We need a constitutional amendment to permit voluntary school prayer. God should never be expelled from the classrooms of America in the first place! President Ronald Reagan Comment: Today in America over 30 years later we have violence in our schools such as shootings and other criminal acts created by expelling God from their hearts! Thankyou. James and Hamsa Sasse.

Abuse a Stranger Exodus 22:21

President Obama quoted this scripture to justify his actions to give millions of illegal immigrants legal status through executive order! Obama is changing our laws all by himself? If a stranger is breaking the laws of the United States whether citizen or illegal there are consequences! We have laws for rape, murder, robbery and other crimes but if we change

Prayer 1 John 5:11-15

Our relationship with God involves prayer! How would you describe your prayer life? Here are some possible answers to this question. 1. Unashamed begging-desperate 2. Loud and lengthy-convicted 3. Terrified whispers-uncertain 4. Sterile and formal-religious, distant and impersonal 5. Speechless-do not know what to say, wordless 6. Confident prayers. Some say prayer is just a conversation with God. No! First

Highway Safety Bulletin!

No matter how new the safest device in your car is you! Source; Broderick Crawford, Highway Patrol TV Series. 1958

Sunday School Truancy!

My little brother Tommy and I moved to Colorado in 1962. I was 12 years old and Tommy 10. We attended a Methodist church in Loveland. Our parents would drop us off for Sunday school and then return one hour later for the main service. Our parents would give us a dime each for the Sunday school offering. That was

A Sin Unto Death? 1 John 5:16

John opens by saying if any man see his brother sin a sin not unto death he shall ask and he shall give them life for them that sin not unto death. Any sin that is not unto death is a sin that is repented of! A sin unto death would be a willful, continuous unrepentant sin! Ananias and Sapphira

Church Nonsense!

Growing up in a small rural farm community in Nebraska my parents took us to a small town Methodist church for religious instruction. Here are some of my thoughts as a child attending services: Pastor, We will now close in a silent prayer. My thoughts, How will God know? God really must be smart! Pastor, We will now sing the