Month: August 2014

Beautiful Princess!

A retired rancher in Colorado spent his last days fishing in his mountain stream that passed through his ranch. It was so peaceful and quiet that he fell asleep along the stream waiting for a fish to bite! Suddenly this loud voice woke him up but he could not see anyone? Is God talking to me? Pick me up said

The Good The Bad and The Ugly!

We were in a Methodist Church yesterday on Nevada Avenue here in Colorado Springs. We were looking into a ministry offered there. I like old churches since they have a lot of history behind them! They had a missions room where I really love to hang out! This church supports a church in Russia. They had photos of the church

Muslim War Victory Campaigns (History)

Muhammad’s campaigns–Arab Wars 634-750 A.D. Conquests of Syria, Egypt, North Africa and Armenia. Under Rashidun; Conquest of Syria 637, Conquest of Armenia 639. Conquest of Egypt 639. Conquest of North Africa 652. Conquest of Cypress 654. Under Umayyads; Conquest of North Africa 665. First Arab siege of Constanople 674-678. Second Arab siege of Constanople 717-718. Conquest of Hispania 711-718. Conquest