Month: August 2013

Damascus No More! Isaiah 17:1 Amos 1:3

On our blog we have previously posted two articles about Damascus Syria. See June 2013 and September 2012 postings. It looks like these two Bible Prophecies are going to be fulfilled very soon! If Assad is forced out of Damascus he could again use chemical weapons so the city could never be inhabited again. He could attack Israel in retaliation

Abortion In Egypt! Exodus 1:17-20

Murder or genocide of minorities is nothing new to the history of man. This episode in Egypt took place thousands of years ago against the Jews. Today in America genocide is being done on African Americans through abortion. Over 40 percent of all abortions done in America are done on African Americans. Their population only represents 12 percent of all

The Church Of Jesus Christ Needs To Put In Writing!

Worried they could be sued by gay couples, some churches are changing their bylaws to reflect their view that the Bible allows marriage only between one man and one woman. Judges and courts like to see things in writing. So does our God as He put it in writing to us and gave us our Bible! The Mercy or Judgment

The Good Life?

The way to enjoy the good life is to stop pursuing the better life! Quote by Chuck Swindoll. All I need is a little more money to keep off the edge on my nerves! Quote by Boxer Joe Louis. Thankyou. James and Hamsa Sasse.

God Sent Me To Preserve Life! Genesis 45:5

This is really what God is all about! In a world full of death, disease, wars and storms man needs someone to preserve life! These words were said by Joseph to his brothers when he revealed himself to them as second in command in Egypt. The name Joseph means, “God Will Increase.” When you let God do the increasing instead

Most Misinterpreted Scripture In the Bible! Matthew 7:1

A poll was taken among unbelievers and they were asked what word comes to their minds when they hear the word, “Evangelical Christian.” A overwhelming majority said the word that comes to their mind is; “Judgmental.” Most of them quote Matthew 7:1 to support their views. What is lacking here is for them to read the rest of chapter 7.

Great Distractions Of Worry! Matthew 6:25-28

Radical Jesus! Live out the beatitudes through counter-culture behavior! Jesus gave us a new way of being human! The Kingdom way of being human. Pray with listening ears, seeing eyes and hearts to receive the scriptures by impartation and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a servant. Are you? Distractions such as money, possessions, and inside out

Want To Build A Altar To God? Requires Blood! Genesis 35:1

The word for Altar in the Hebrew is the word, “Mizbeach.” It means the place of sacrifice by slaughtering an animal. The sacrificial system was at the focal point of the Israelite system of worship since the sacrifice and subsequent meal were used to solemnize a covenant or treaty to symbolize a position relationship between two parties. Noah built an