Month: July 2013

Is It Really About Money? Matthew 6:19-21

Jesus tone and language changed between chapter 5 and chapter 6 of Matthew. Jesus moves from your public life to your private life. There should be no difference. No conflict between them. Jesus had an audience of the working poor which included most of his disciples. There were Jews, Greeks, Romans in the crowd and a few rich folks. The

Swear! What Does It Mean? Genesis 21:23, Matthew 23:16-23

This word is interesting but not understood by most. As a child I was taught not to swear. What my parents meant was using bad words that would defame God. The old saying is do not let people swear by you or at you! So many advertisements in America use this word to try to sell their products. In the

Christians! Stand Your Ground! Daniel 12:3

Latest IRS revelation is agency is targeting those who give 10 percent or more to charities? That means Christians who follow the Bible and tithe 10 percent or more of their income are targets! The average American gives 2 percent of their income to charities. We as Christians know 10 percent giving is the least we can give. I am

Tempted Or Tested? Genesis 22:1, Matthew 6:13, James 1:13

These are two different words in the Hebrew and Greek. God will test us! Satan will tempt us! The sources are different and the outcome is different. Abraham was tested with his son Isaac. Judas was tempted. Jesus was tempted but resisted by quoting scripture to Satan. Jesus was tested by His Father on the Cross. God giving you a

Being Awesome In Obscurity! Matthew Chapter 6.

Why do we do what we do? Motives! Great people of God always have seasons of obscurity! Jesus in the desert, John the Baptist, Apostle John and many more examples in the Old Testament. American culture counters the idea of obscurity with social networks, web sites, instant media flashes, ect. God has to prepare out hearts and will not let

Belief In God Equals Righteousness! Genesis 15:6

This verse is believed by some to be the key verse of the entire Old Testament. It is an important witness to the doctrine of justification by faith and to the doctrine of the unity in believers in both dispensations. Abraham’s faith was accounted to him for righteousness before he was circumcised and more than 400 years before the law

Jesus – An Illegal Immigrant? Genesis 14:13

The word Hebrew means, “Immigration.” Immigration is a hot topic in America right now mostly for political reasons with upcoming mid-term elections. Jesus was from Heaven yet born on the earth. He immigrated to earth. We are all earthly immigrants passing through this planet. The word Hebrew also means to cross-over. Did you notice the word, “Cross?” It also means

Military Humor!

Rick Jason starred as Lieutenant Hamlin and Vick Morrow as Sargeant Saunders in a military world war II television series back in the 1960’s called ‘Combat.” As a lot of shows back then they contained high moral content. The U.S. Combat units were engaged with 1000 German infantry who were located on a mountain with heavy weapons. Lt. Hamlin’s squad