Month: May 2013

Look For Two Beasts ! Revelation Chapter 13

This is not a tour of your local zoo! This is not your spouse or your boss we are talking about. This is a virtual tour of two upcoming world leaders described in the Book of Revelation. One leader the anti-christ will be the political leader of the entire world. The second beast will be the false prophet and the

Pentecost Sunday May 19, 2013

We have a birthday today! Yes the birth of His Church! Fifty days after Christ was raised from the dead His Church was born! Remember the Torah or Law was given to the people after 50 days. In the Old Testament God gave us the standard to live by but in the New Testament at Pentecost through His Holy Spirit

Moon Under Her Feet ! Revelation 12:1

The arabs at Kaaba worshipped 360 idols. When Islam came along in about 650 A. D, , they took their highest idol and worshipped it as Allah. The idol Hubal which is a lunar diety was thought to have powers of divination is identical in origin to Allah. Their religious symbol is the crescent moon. Notice in the Book of

Got it Right?

If we do not get things right about Jesus Christ then everything else we do will be wrong! Source: Quote by Vernon McGee. Thankeyou. James and Hamsa Sasse.

1/3 Of World Are Christians? Why?

If you look at the Book of Revelation Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 you will notice that after the rapture of His Church 1/3 of the trees, grass, creatures, fountains of water, sun, moon, ect, are destroyed during the tribulation period. God is not going to let those resources that supported the Christians while on earth fall into the hands

Sinner’s Prayer!

Dear Jesus, Save me from your followers! Amen.

Sermon On The Mount Series New Life Church

Matthew Chapter 5; The sermon on the mount is the most taught and least followed of all Jesus teachings! Jesus brings a new imagination ( image ) and a new people out of this sermon. Israel has a history of getting things wrong! They moved from holiness, sin, rebellion, repentance and back to holiness. The difficulty today is the church