Month: March 2013

Jury Duty

I was riding with my friend down a snowy icy highway back in the 1970’s. He was a careful driver but a wind gust moved the back of the car and he over corrected and we spun out a full 360 degrees. The car behind tried to avoid us but lost control and upset in the median. The driver was

Can You Lose Your Salvation? Hebrews Chapter 6, Verses 1-6.

Chapter 6, verses 1-6 are probably the most controversial verses in the Bible! You need to micro-view these verses and then macro-view them in light of all scriptures! Remember the Bible always interprets itself. For those who say you can loose your salvation my question to them would be when are you going to lose yours? If your salvation is

Extravagant Worship! Matthew 26:6-10

Jesus and Mary were the only two who left Simon the leper’s house anointed! The two that were anointed was the worshiper and the one worshiped! To know Him is to love Him! The more you love Him the more you want to know Him! Jesus did not ignore the poor but He made the point that the core to

Mistaken Identity!

My Pastor Steve from Macon Georgia is a very talented man and oversee’s a congregation of about 1200 people. As a college student at Lee College he took a summer job in the local town at a funeral home. He thought the experience of ministering to the grieving would help him prepare for the ministry. That summer the funeral director