Month: November 2012

Cross the Goal and Win! Romans 10:4

For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone that believeth. The word, “End”, in the Greek is translated, “Goal”. Think about a footbal team? They have a playing field with a goal line, goal posts with uprights and a cross bar. To win the game they need to cross the goal line to score points. Their

End of the World? Matthew Chapter 24!

About 2000 years ago Jesus disciples asked Him the signs of the end of the age? I suppose we are all curious as His disciples were? Jesus summed it up this way; 1. Many false Christ’s would come. 2. Wars and rumours of wars but end not yet. 3. Famines, pestilences,earthquakes in diverse places. 4. You shall be hated and

Devil in the Details!

A securiy guard at a auto production plant took pride in screening hundreds of employee’s at the end of their shift looking for stolen property. This guard opened lunch boxes, thermos bottles, pockets and if employee was caught stealing had them fired from their jobs! One particular employee was really troublesome to this guard because he would come out of

Mansions or Mansion? John 14:2

The English rendition of the Greek word (mone), is translated mansions. The problem is the Greek word mone is singular not plural. Is this a big deal? it could be if it renders in your mind a different concept than the original Greek language intended! We have an earthly concept of mansions as individual houses like in our neighborhood block.

The Last of America and The One World Government!

Biblical prophetic events are closing in fast! It is difficult for me to understand why Obama got re-elected? He has a record of 4 years of economic failure! Another 4 years with him will lead to a welfare state as poverty will grow across America. With welfare failures such as Cuba, Greece, former Soviet Union and others why would we


Vote or be ruled by those who do vote! Source: American Center for Law & Justice.

Looking Back 2000 Election Bush/Gore

If George W. Bush is elected president, he will have many people to thank! One of them is Osama Siblani. During Bush’s October 5 meeting with Arab-American leaders at the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn Michagan, Siblani told the Texas governor about two top concerns of Arab Americans: The use of ethnic profiling by aviation officials, which leads many Americam Arabs