Month: November 2011


Many Jewish commentators believe the secret of Judah’s blessings are implicit in the Hebrew meaning of his name. When Lea, his mother gave birth to him she said, “This time I will give thanksgiving unto the Lord.” Therefore she called his name Judah! See Genesis 29:35 Judah is taken from the Hebrew word Hodah which means giving thanks. The Jews

White House Shooter

Really sad to hear about Mr. Ortega and his troubled mind to think that President Obama is the Anti-Christ? Also that Mr. Ortega was Christ himself? This man has some mental issues and needs help! We are sorry for his family that has to go through this now. Someone should have noticed that he needed help? Our prayers are that

Beat Obama with a CAIN!

The lastest fight song for the Christian conservatives as they look to replace our President with someone who holds Biblical values! Anti-abortion President is needed and also a candidate who believes small buisness can rebuild American! Also Obama has a big government plan that will not and has not worked! Our government has to be down-sized and live on its

Police Cadet!

A young man decided to join the police force. He began his career by enrolling in a police academy for his training. He completed his training and prepared for his final examination! The examiner asked him if he would be able to arrest a relative if he had to? The young cadet paused and then the examiner said let me