Month: October 2011

KoranKoran Burning Pastor Runs for President!

The latest news report says Pastor Terry Jones is running for President! He also supports Herman Cain. Herman is probably not happy about this! Pastor Jones campaign slogan could be; Run Baby Run and Burn Baby Burn! If Herman Cain would take Pastor Jones as his VP pick we could have this episode on his first day in office; Herman

Million Dollar Challenge!

A very wealthy man threw alot of parties at his mansion. This wealthy man had an olympic size swimming pool in his back yard. He was a peculiar man because he filled his swimming pool with sharks and alligators! At every party he would challenge his guests that anyone who could dive into one end of the pool and swim

Vatican Calls for New World Economic Order!

The Pope calls for creation of a public authority with universal jurisdiction beginning with the United Nations! Welcome to our one world government supported by one billion Catholics! The Apostate Church is now moving into position to align with the Anti-Christ and his prophet! The sovereinty of nations is just about over! How will they identify who belongs to this

Qaddafi’s Last Words!

What you are doing is wrong! Do you know right from wrong? Sadly, Qaddafi could never answer his own question for himself after 42 years of killing thousands including many American’s! Kill your enemies is the rally cry of Islam. How contrasted when Christ commanded us to Love our enemies! Forgiveness is the Christian foundation that provides peace in any

Wall Street Protests / Anti-Semitic

Comments by wall street protestor’s such as; Jews control wall street, Israel is a criminal pariah state and Jews need to be run out of this country are a warning that history is repeating itself again! While protestor’s are seen spewing hate against Jewish American’s where is the outrage from our political leaders? It is troubling to me when I

Wall Street-Wailing Wall

As the western wall of our world economy continues to crumble and our political leaders seem unable to stop it we need to tweeter our prayers to Heaven through Christ! As a Christian I do not want to stop God’s prophetic plan as outlined in the Book of Revelation! My Bible says the world will wail when they all see

Herman Cain!

Herman Cain is under the gun by left wing black american democratic leaders because he thinks for himself! As Herman said he has gotten off the democratic plantation a long time ago! The Lord is raising up Herman Cain as the man of the hour to help American move from the back of the bus to limousines! All you white

Yom Kippur-Day of Atonement

The door to Holiness is in you! It is the one marked mistakes. The Holiness of Yom Kippur exists in the space we make through our mistakes. We do not study our defeat to learn from it, we study our defeat to love from it! Source; Rabbi Stephen Baars. Comment; This Rabbi has some good insight here. The year was

Western Civilization

James Ussher (1581-1656) Prolific Christian Scholar. This man fixed the date of creation at the night preceding Sunday, October 23, 4004 B.C. If there were 6 literal days of creation then the next day would be Sunday. Why was creation completed in the fall of the year? Perhaps so Adam and Eve would have fruit to eat! It is interesting