Month: May 2011

30 Pieces of Silver!

The year was 1986. The place was Yercaud, India. We had just moved from Madras(Chennai), to this small village located on a mountain in South India. One big problem moving from big city to small village is finding adequate housing for my family. My uncle victor who was an MD. down in Salem had a friend who was a wealthy

Garage Sale!

The scripture reference for this word study is First Corinthians Chapter 15, Verse 4. The word or phrase we are going to study is “Rose Again”. The Strongs Number is 1453. The Greek Word is Egeiro. This word means to waken, idea of collecting one’s faculties or rouse from sleep. The base word for this word is Strong’s Number 58.

Word Study

I like word studies of the Bible! We can trust our English or other Language Bible translations but a key word study by going back to the Greek(NT) or Hebrew(OT), will give a unique perspective on the word of God! These words are layered much like the earth’s crust is layered wth different kinds of rocks. We have to dig


Paul begins his speech in First Corinthians Chapter 15 with the word brethern. The Greek word used in the text is the word Adelphos. This word means of the same womb. It can mean a brother literal of figurative. I cannot help but to ask do we treat each other like we came from the same womb? We do not

Family Feud!

Abraham had two wives. Sarah and Hagar produced a son from Abraham. Sarah produced Isaac and Hagar produced Ishmael. Since then the Jews and Arabs have warred over family position and predominance! God in the Book of Genesis promised to Bless both families. The promised seed(Christ), was to come through the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. When Islam began