Month: April 2011

Baddest Man on Planet Earth!

Iron Mike Tyson was the youngest boxer to win WBC, WBA,IBF World Heavyweight titles and hold these rankings simultaneously! He was born in Brooklyn New York in 1966. He fought 58 fights in his career winning 50 of those contests! 44 of those 50 wins were by knock out (KO). He is ranked No. 16 by Ring Magazine List of

It is Finished!

Man’s work is never done! There is always one more dinner to make, one more bed to make, one more doctor’s visit, one more car to fix, one more class to attend, one more child to raise, one more house to build and then repair, one more hospital stay, one more vote to cast, one more day behind bars, one

Easter Story

A very rich man was a member of a church in his community. The Pastor and Chief Deacon spent alot of time with this rich man and asked for donations all the time. Rich man understood those who have more much more is required! Rich man gets sick goes to hospital and is near death! Pastor and chief deacon go

Pastor Terry Jones

Was Pastor Terry Jones right? He was right about Islam! His expression about it was wrong! His actions exposed Islam for what it is! The news media asked Pastor Jones, “What would Jesus do?” The more important question should have been, “What did Jesus do?” Jesus was not a whimp! He called evil evil and good good. Today the world


I am no body who tells every body about some body who can save any body! That some body is Jesus Christ! Source; Pastor Reuben Rai, Nepal.